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A.5 tugboat template

TUGboat is the journal of the TeX Users Group,



%%% Start of metadata %%%

\title{Example \TUB\ article}

% repeat info for each author.
\author{First Last}
\address{Street Address \\ Town, Postal \\ Country}
\netaddress{user (at) example dot org}

%%% End of metadata %%%



This is an example article for \TUB{}.
Please write an abstract.


This is an example article for \TUB, linked from

We recommend the \texttt{graphicx} package for image inclusions, and the
\texttt{hyperref} package if active urls are desired (in the \acro{PDF}
output).  Nowadays \TUB\ is produced using \acro{PDF} files exclusively.

The \texttt{ltugboat} class provides these abbreviations (and many more):
% verbatim blocks are often better in \small
\AllTeX \AMS \AmS \AmSLaTeX \AmSTeX \aw \AW
\mf \MFB
\plain \POBox \PS
\TUB \TUG \tug

\, \bull \Dash \dash \hyph

\acro{FRED} -> {\small[er] fred}  % please use!
\cs{fred}   -> \fred
\meta{fred} -> <fred>
\nth{n}     -> 1st, 2nd, ...
\sfrac{3/4} -> 3/4
\booktitle{Book of Fred}

For references to other \TUB\ issue, please use the format
\textsl{volno:issno}, e.g., ``\TUB\ 32:1'' for our \nth{100} issue.

This file is just a template.  The \TUB\ style documentation is the
\texttt{ltubguid} document at \url{}.  (For
\CTAN\ references, where sensible we recommend that form of url, using
\texttt{/pkg/}; or, if you need to refer to a specific file location,

Email \verb|| if problems or questions.

\bibliographystyle{plain}  % we recommend the plain bibliography style
\nocite{book-minimal}      % just making the bibliography non-empty
\bibliography{xampl}       % xampl.bib comes with BibTeX


Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual