9.9 \linebreak & \nolinebreak

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or one of these.


Encourage or discourage a line break. The optional zero-to-four is an integer lying between 0 and 4 that allows you to soften the instruction. The default is 4, so that without the optional argument these commands entirely force or prevent the break. But for instance, \nolinebreak[1] is a suggestion that another place may be better. The higher the number, the more insistent the request. Both commands are fragile (see \protect).

Here we tell LaTeX that a good place to put a linebreak is after the standard legal text.

\boilerplatelegal{} \linebreak[2]
We especially encourage applications from members of traditionally
underrepresented groups.

When you issue \linebreak, the spaces in the line are stretched out so that the break point reaches the right margin. See \\ and \newline, to have the spaces not stretched out.

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