LaTeX2e unofficial reference manual (July 2021)

This is an unofficial reference manual for LaTeX. See below for the Table of Contents. If you want a tutorial then please instead visit or this list.

This manual has two versions. One has separate web pages for each section or subsection. It's also available as a single web page and as a pdf.

This document is not official. It has not been reviewed by the LaTeX maintainers. Our goal is to cover all (non-private) LaTeX commands. Your comments and contributions, including bug reports, are very welcome. See our project page for more, including license information and information on how you can contribute to this manual as well as mirror it.

Short Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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LaTeX2e: An unofficial reference manual

This document is an unofficial reference manual (version of July 2021) for LaTeX2e, a document preparation system.

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Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual