8.19.13 \makebox (picture)



Make a box to hold text. This command fits with the picture environment, although you can use it outside of there, because rec-width and rec-height are numbers specifying distances in terms of the \unitlength (see picture). This command is similar to the normal \makebox command (see \mbox & \makebox) except here that you must specify the width and height. This command is fragile (see \protect).

This makes a box of length 3.5 times \unitlength and height 4 times \unitlength.


The optional argument position specifies where in the box the text appears. The default is to center it, both horizontally and vertically. To place it somewhere else, use a string with one or two of these letters.


Puts text the top of the box.


Put text at the bottom.


Put text on the left.


Put text on the right.

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