Mirroring the LaTeX2e Unofficial Reference Manual

The LaTeX2e Unofficial Reference Manual aims to provide a reference for the user-level commands of LaTeX. For more information, see the home page.

It comes in a number of formats, including two HTML formats. One has all the information on a single page. The other has separate pages for each section or subsection.

If you would like to host either version, or both, whether to have a convenient local copy or to provide a service to the community, that'd be great. The single-page version is easy to search. The many-pages version is more host friendly since a visitor who only wants one thing doesn't have to get everything. They both have a free license.


  1. Install Subversion. Probably you already have it but if not then get it from your system's package manager or from the Subversion site.
  2. Get the reference manual files. Our project site has complete directions but briefly, first create a convenient directory. We'll illustrate with /home/jim/src/latexrefman/. In that directory run
    svn checkout https://svn.gnu.org.ua/sources/latexrefman/trunk
    to fetch a subdirectory trunk/ with all of the files.
  3. Serve the HTML. The files of the many-page version are in trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e/. How to display them depends on your web server but the most common case is that you have Apache 2 running under Linux. If so, put something like this in the configuration file (perhaps named /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf).
    Alias "/latexref" "/home/jim/src/latexrefman/trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e"
    <Directory "/home/jim/src/latexrefman/trunk/latex2e-help-texinfo-tree/latex2e">
      Require all granted
      Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    The single-page version is trunk/latex2e.html. Serve it with something like this.
    Alias "/latexrefonepage" "/home/jim/src/latexrefman/trunk/latex2e.html"
    <Directory "/home/jim/src/latexrefman/trunk/">
      Require all granted
  4. (Optional) Add CSS. The file trunk/latexreflocal.css contains a sample Cascading Style Sheets file to decorate the web pages that you are serving. Adjust it to your taste and then put a copy in your web server's css/ directory.
  5. Periodically update the files. From the trunk/ directory run svn update to get the latest version. Once a week should suffice. You can automate this, for example by using crontab.

If you post a version that will stay current then it'd be great if you could let us know about it by mailing latexrefman@tug.org. Thanks!

Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual
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