8.12.1 \raggedright


{\raggedright  ... }


\begin{environment} \raggedright

A declaration which causes lines to be flush to the left margin and ragged right. It can be used inside an environment such as quote or in a parbox. For the environment form see flushleft.

Unlike the flushleft environment, the \raggedright command does not start a new paragraph; it only changes how LaTeX formats paragraph units. To affect a paragraph unit’s format, the scope of the declaration must contain the blank line or \end command that ends the paragraph unit.

Here \raggedright in each second column keeps LaTeX from doing awkward typesetting to fit the text into the narrow column. Note that \raggedright is inside the curly braces {...} to delimit its effect.

  Team alpha  &{\raggedright This team does all the real work.} \\
  Team beta   &{\raggedright This team ensures that the water
                cooler is never empty.}                         \\

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