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19.8 \thinspace & \negthinspace

Synopsis, one of:


Produce an unbreakable and unstretchable space of 1/6em and -1/6em. These are the text mode equivalents of \, and \! (see Spacing in math mode/\thinspace). You can use \, as a synonym for \thinspace in text mode.

The \negthinspace command is used in text mode mostly for fiddling with spaces. One common use of \thinspace is as the space between nested quotes.

Killick replied, ``I heard the Captain say, `Ahoy there.'\thinspace''

Another use is that some style guides call for a \thinspace between an ellipsis and a sentence ending period (other style guides, though, think the three dots are quite enough already). Still another use is between initials, as in D.\thinspace E.\ Knuth.

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